2017 The Landscape and the Play

The sekond Nørrekær Biennial – Landscape and Play – opens on August 1 – 5, 2017,  with the participation of Danish and Nordic artists, who present works that invite democratic talks on green conversion, wind turbines and the right to use the landscape, based on what happens in and around the landscape in Nørrekær Enge.

The theme for the Nørrekær Biennale in 2017 is the Landscape and the acting. The landscape is the stage formed through centuries of interaction between nature and human activity to survive. The play unfolds in the local community when an energy giant invades the scene, the flat windswept land at the Limfjord, to place the largest wind farm in the north: A village of Bollerup is bought by the energy company Vattenfall and the farms demolished, the landowners are awarded millions with local residents to live , noise, degraded service due to depopulation etc.
Since the Biennial in 2014, the Nørrekær Biennale has been a co-initiator of the establishment of Nørrekær’s Enge Windmill Association, which was established on the basis of the Swedish energy group Vattenfall’s planned expansion of the wind farm with 40 new even larger turbines than the 13 already set up in Nørrekær Enge.
The Nørrekær Biennial 2017 The Landscape and the Play is listed as a play in 5 acts over 5 days.

ACT 1: The landscape painting.
Landscape painters from near and far populate and interpret the landscape with their easels and are thus a scene in the landscape while simultaneously creating their own images of the landscape. Everyone is invited to make paintings in and of the landscape in Nørrekær Enge. Bring your own painting tools, easel and van Gogh hat. The paintings are on display at a joint exhibition in Tolstrup Assembly House on Saturday, August 5, 2017.

ACT 2: The square.
A sculptural stage installation is erected as a gathering place in LAND and a starting point for public debate, which spreads as rings in the landscape. In the backdrop a permaculture-forest garden is built. LAND is a minimal model of a small community where various facilities have already been installed: energy, housing, view tower etc. At NKB 17, a square with fieldstones, pickle stones, was constructed as a democratic gathering place in the middle of LAND in front of the bench and the lamppost. The square was built jointly under the leadership of Pelle Brage and Julia Bruun. Around the square, small paths were paved with ceramic tiles by Jesper Dalgaard.

ACT 3: The sound.
An audio landscape image of audio recordings from Nørrekærenge is transmitted to people’s car radios in collaboration with Radio Midtfjord, assisted by fixed sound installations that measure sonic long waves in the earth and the environment.
The landscape has noises! The sound artist “Fabrics” leads us through the landscape in an audiowalk, where you also incorporate and establish sound events in the landscape.
The sound is played in collaboration with Bjarne from Midtfjord radio, who also produced broadcasts on and on the biennial, which can be heard here.

ACT 4: Performance.
In several localities together with local actors, the drama is further built on the background of the current events and the local stories of the past about the headless horse and smugglers in the fjord.
Performance by Frans Jacobi and Claus Handberg at various localities in the area: An introduction to the Green Hijab Movement, A meditation in the gamble and there were performances in the tower and on Land and at the area’s shopping centers.

ACT 5: Exhibition, concert and debate.
Here the parts of the drama meet for a unified orchestral work when landscape paintings, sound works and other documentation are exhibited in Tolstrup Forsamlingshus, followed by art presentations, debate and dinner. Participants were given the opportunity to participate in Aipotu’s installation in bird suits. The square was inaugurated, Painting exhibition opened in Tolstrup assembly house with speech by visual artist Ole Sporring. The troubadour Mikael K sang songs from outskirts Denmark. Emil Olsen introduced Nørrekær Enges Windmill Association, Lea Vangstrup talked about WindPeople and Ove Vang Christensen from the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.

ACT 5: The Exhibition.
See the works on display at this year’s biennial.

Participating artists:

Stoffer Michael Christensen,​ Finn Thybo Andersen, Frans Jacobi, Claus Handberg Christensen, Katrine Skovgaard, Morten Bencke, Elisabeth ​K​iss, Ole Sporring, Finn Have, Martin Richard Olsen, Birte Ohsten, Pelle Brage, Julia Bruun, Jesper Dalgaard, Jytte Cramer, Mogens Otto Nielsen, Andrew James Zealey, aiPotu, Kirsten Dufour og lokale landskabsmalere Jan Hansen, Karsten Hansen, Gudrun Kjær, Per Bertelsen og Birthe Kjærsgaard m.fl..

Other participants:
Troubadur Mikael K.
Lea Vangstrup from Wind People, Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi.
Emil Olsen, Chairman Nørrekærsenge Vindmølleforening .
Midtfjord Radio.