Nørrekærbiennalen 2014 – Handover and Circuits

The focal point of the first Nørrekær Biennale will be the building of a Sami gutter, such as a construction workshop under the direction of Gamma builder Kåre Løvoll and artist and architect Joar Nango from Tromsø. Subsequently, the gamma has been used as a living sculpture for those who visit LAND.

The traditional Sami dwelling is called old or goahti in Sami, and can be traced back to the Iron Age. This type of housing has probably been prevalent in large parts of Scandinavia in the past, but in the northernmost parts of Scandinavia the Sami have relayed the building tradition and craftsmanship up to our day. The old age has been the stationary dwelling, unlike the Lávvu (a tent construction) used by the purebred Samer in the summer when the animals went on the pastures.

At the Nørrekær Biennale, we erected an arch-barge (bealljegoahti). A variety made of wood, bark, and peat. It has an inner skeleton of two sets of curved tree trunks. The skeleton is closed by less barked birch planks, and the bark from the trunks is evenly distributed, close to the entire structure. Finally, turf is distributed almost all over the structure. Inside, around the campfire in the middle, a layer of the thinnest cut birch branches is distributed as insulation, and on this is placed unvarnished reindeer or sheepskin.

The construction requires a lot of experience, and there are many small but very important details of the construction that are important for the durability in terms of rot, humidity, fresh air and the circulation of the smoke from the fire.
The gamma is a living construction that requires maintenance, renewal with turf and fresh birch ice once a year.

Gamme workshop

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Åbning af NørrekærBiennalen 2014

Participating artists:

Billedkunstner Geir Tore Holm(N)

Billedkunstner Søssa Jørgensen (N)

Arkitekt og billedkunstner Joar Nango (N)

Kurator Hilde Mehti (N)

Billedkunstner Pelle Brage (DK)

Kultivator, Kunstner og landbrugskollektiv, Öland (S)

Billedkunstner  Mogens Otto Nielsen, (DK)

Digter, journalist og billedkunstner Gerd Laugesen (DK)

Forfatter Liv Nimand Duvå, (DK)

Preben Maegaard, Jane Kruse, Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi (DK)

Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug (DK)

Limfjordsmuseet Løgstør v/naturvejleder Thomas Juel Johansen (DK).

The Nørrekær Biennale 2014 is realized with financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation’s Visual Arts Committee, the Nordic Cultural Fund and the Municipality of Vesthimmerland Sponsorships from Aurion, Hjørring, Vilsund Blue A / S, Aggersund, Thorupstrand Havfiskerlaug